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The Weather Forcast

Amman - Jordan

It has been snowing in the nothern parts of Jordan this morning, but nothing serious. The snow package that was sent to Jordan was all depleted above the mountains of Lebanon. Well as you can see, I am still waiting for the snow, desperately – although it won’t affect my work a bit! I work at home, I wish I can give myself a “snow-leave”, but I can’t!

It has been raining in Amman for the last couple of days, and I don’t remember seeing that much of rain for years now. Inshalla kheir. I have to say that I am growing fond of the rain in the streets of Amman, partly because now I have a car 🙂 so I can simply enjoy the beauty of the scene along with my Digi Sony (Cyber-shot ®). Here is one of my most favorite shots of University Street at night, in a rainy weather. Now it is 8:30 PM in Amman, and it snowed for a while.


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my first newspaper advertisement was published on February 6. And I think everybody loved it. Take a look.

February 3, 2005 | Abu Jraish says Sulafet E3jab

Okay his msn name today is: And then I Go & Spoilt It All By Saying Something Stupid Like I Love You. And this is to top a list of names that have been going on for weeks, so you have to wonder, is it really “sulafet e3jab” faqat la gheir? PS. This is supposed to be as a joke


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