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AMMAN GRIEVES in perspective

Wake up, it is more than an act!

On November 9, about 8:00 PM, three hotels in Amman blasted in suicide bombings leaving 59 dead, and many wounded, of different nationalities, mainly Jordanians, most of the dead were celebrating a local wedding of two young Jordanians. At that moment, everybody was in a dream, even till the first hours of the next morning, a lot of people were in disbelief. But after few hours of the day, many things changed. The first thing that was an instant phenomenon, is that the main stars of the event, were naturally the bride and groom. Everybody was asking about what happened to them, I say naturally, because the wedding day is supposed to be the happiest day of any couple, now turned into a disaster, so the least thing we could do, is inquire about their destinies. The bride and groom were okay (God be praised), but their fathers, and some of their families died on that day! May God rest their souls.

The second thing was, the overwhelming reaction upon the piece of news where Zarqawi and the “alleged” Al Qaeda claimed responsibility for the bombings. Everybody just took it in. I personally felt heart broken. We did not buy Al Qaeda involvement in September 11 events, we could not find any sense in binding the bombings in either Lebanon or Egypt to Al Qaeda, and the whole thing collapsed when this “Al Qaeda” claimed responsibilities for the bombings in Iraq, where normal innocent civilians wend falling by the numbers. And now this! What is this Al Qaeda? Who are they? What do they fight for? And yet you find people (may be by the instant shock and reaction to sad events) rolling behind the same lie we refused to believe before. I do not blame the general public for that, but the media did not help at all. To me, we are dealing (obviously) with an unknown enemy, reason does not bring results with such an enemy, screams of “how brutal” and “what did those innocent people do to deserve this” are wasted cries. There are other means to fight this monster behind, attaching everything to a legend and giving it a name, is not going to gain us any peace, only more hopeless shouts in the wrong direction.

The third thing that happened, was the turn over of some Jordanians against their own believes, those believes that once declared the wounds of any Arabian or Muslim were the wounds of ourselves, those believes that made some Jordanians raise the Lebanese flag during the times of their aches. Now it was all Jordanian. Now people claim the pain is ours, and that they have gotten “us”. Amman was shot, but many

other cities were as well. It is true that Amman holds different emotional value to its residents and those far away, but nevertheless, the “this is a Jordanian Problem” campaign was a bit blind. The ache is Arabian, the feelings are shared amongst all Arabs, and we should enforce this value instead of denouncing it unconsciously. And yet, the good part is that we have stood firm, that all previous wounds did not stop us from going on, and so won’t this wound. The real enemy is not that who shoots, it is those who reflect on it amongst us. Our true fight back lies in our solidarity, refusing any attempts to break further the already broken (the Arab unity). And the last most awful thing that took place, was the increased resentment towards the Iraqi residents in Amman. We all denounced the treatment of Muslims back in the September 11 events, based on the fact that the offenders shared “the same religion”, and here we are doing exactly what we found unacceptable. Some Iraqi people were found dead in these bombings. Iraqi people die in similar bombings in Iraq on almost daily basis. Even if it turned out that Iraqi people did carry out this mission, there is no sense in fighting the residents of Amman city based on that fact alone! The land belongs to Allah, let us all remember this, it does not belong to a nation, nor race, nor religion. The offense was against residents of this city, alike against all the Arab and Islamic World. Don’t let our enemies win by giving them what they want, hatred amongst the residents of the same city. Even if there were real reasons behind the resentment of Ammani people against new inhabitants, violence was never our tool to set things straight!


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