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What About Facebook?

I get a lot of “I love facebook’s interface, so clean and white, and easy to use.” They get a lot of “Are you serious? Facebook is the lousiest highly-rated community Web.2 site I had to deal with.” It is highly-rated, and it is very successful, but compared to its peers, the interface is just one hell of a pain in the ass!

Captch a Captcha:

If you have been regularly using Facebook, you would note their CAPTCHA is not loading correctly half the time. Rather than refreshing the page as advised in a small tip beneath it, right-click on image, and choose “Show Image…” as many times as it takes to load the CAPTCHA image. Recently, however, I noted that the Captcha has disappeared. [It could be a smart application that tracks users and trusts them after a number of successful transactions.]

Dragging Around

The “Add to Friends” link does not appear in the page that lists friends of a specific user, dragging you to another page in order to add him or her. What a drag!

Another scenario is the lack of merge accounts feature. Getting an invitation on a different email account than the one registered, leaves you dumbfounded and completely crippled!

Streets have no names!

I confess, I almost gave up shorty after I registered. The networks are regional in Facebook, but they don’t give you any hints! I was frustrated trying to “browse” available networks instead of being forced to join “Jordan!” Turned out, nothing to browse, this was it!

The Wall-to-Wall mechanism has no signs. You have to figure it out yourself, or somebody must tell you.


Pressing “Enter” to search rather than clicking “Go” is courageous. I love it! The Advanced search , though useless, is buried in a drop down menu. Unfortunately, you cannot search by almost anything of relevance.

Defining somebody as “Is my sibling” in the relationship matrix, and displaying it as “You are somebody’s sister” is an example of smart behaviors. Though lazy. The active solution would be to display “Is my sister” right in the matrix. Problem is that it took me time to realize it, I was searching for “sister” in the matrix, completely ignored “sibling.”


It is quite strange how things get lost easily in Facebook. Partly because of a policy not to report back rejections, the list of requests you made cannot be retrieved. You also do not get notified of new activities in groups, probably to shift your focus towards walls, and discourage groups.


The purpose of Facebook is to allow people to get in touch with those they lost contact with during years of separation. The privacy issue is tricky, turning it so high defeats that purpose, disabling it jeopardizes some clients. It goes down to people. If you want old friends to get in touch only if they mean it, publish your profile.

When you write on a friend’s wall, the comment box is within context of the same page. But when writing on a group’s wall, it detaches from the main screen, putting you out of context, completely blinded. I wonder why they don’t Ajax it as well! [It may be the Captcha, that doesn’t work, and that stops appearing after a while! Way to go, Facebook!]

There is one scenario that exposes people with privacy setting turned high. If you comment on a picture of one of your private friends, their whole album gets exposed! HORRAAAY!

Blindness strikes again in the Walls mechanism. The full conversation shows in the Wall-to-Wall screen only if both parties are friends or public. That leaves much of a broken conversation, and guess whose half you get to read? Correct! The other one’s rather than your friend’s! Crap!


Too bad, spammers found their way to Facebook!

Who knows? It’s better this way, you get bogged down, and switch away from Facebook to Assbook, to do something more useful.

  • Facebook’s interface gets changed every five minutes, just as soon as you’ve grown used to the last one. But what do they all have in common? They’re all terrible!


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