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Bad Technicians, Bad Conductors

Simple Things Made Complex

Last weekend, I was busy getting my wireless network up and running at home, and it was one hectic weekend. First, I had to move the ADSL point to another closer point to my room, especially that we had construction work in the other room. So looking at the wires, thinking I might be able to do it myself, I found out that the phone wire was dragged all the way to the ADSL first point, then split using a external frequency splitter, and the returning phone line was dragged all the

way back to the main phone socket, so it was like 15 meters of extra wires!

My brother started following the lines and figuring out what the phone company was thinking when they did the ugly thing they did. Then he decided we should call them anyway, so we did, and they gave us an appointment and said it was going to cost us 30JD! I have seen this coming and was ready for it.

Good for us, the guys did not show up on time, and by the time they were supposed to, my brother already

figured out what was happening with the wires. Earlier that day we were talking about drills, tapes, hammers and noise, and by four, we were all shocked when my brother figured out that it was a matter of using the wires on some other phone socket!

Yup, all he had to do, is plug out the wires from the ADSL point, and plug it in some other phone socket, which splits the line into two, one for phone use and the other for ADSL. And Viola! There goes 30 JDs!


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