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    Books 2012 in Review

    “the economic approach.” That’s a phrase made popular by Gary Becker, the longtime University of Chicago economist who was awarded a Nobel Prize in 1992. Elephants, meanwhile, kill at least 200 people every year. So why aren’t we petrified of them? Probably because most of their victims live in places far from the world’s media […]

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    A New Way of Life | Book review

    By David Servan-Schreiber On What is cancer? And why is it so terrifying? Cancer in the most simplistic description is an odd and random growth of human cells. They feed on blood of neighboring cells, and use the lack of immunity to grow, and eventually exhaust their host. What makes it terrifying is that […]

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    2012 Books in review

    Malcolm is without doubt one of the greatest psychology authors. The style of writing is very attractive and engaging, especially for those who do like to read more fiction. In this book, he brings up real examples of life, historical and current, and crushes few numbers, and makes conclusions based on them. He eventually wants […]

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    مقدمة ابن خلدون

    2012 Books in review

    كتاب العبر، وديوان المبتدأ والخبر في أيام العرب والعجم والبربر، ومن عاصرهم من ذوي السلطان الأكبر، لكاتبه العلامة ابن خلدون يقع في سبع مجلدات، كتب عام 1377، أكثرها شهرة هو المقدمة، حيث يجمع بين العديد من العلوم والأخبار وأحوال الناس والطقوس، حتى اعتبر ابن خلدون مؤسس علم الاجتماع. هذا أحد الكتب الرائعة التي أنصح جميع […]

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