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    طوكيو – 2015 تقاطع شيبويا في طوكيو يعتبر معلم سياحي، يأتي اليه السياح لالتقاط صورهم وهم يعبرون التقاطع. روّج للتقاطع عدة أفلام اتخذته رمزًا لطوكيو. التقاطع يبدو مزدحمًا بالسياح فقط! ويغذّي الزخم البشري محطّة شيبويا الرئيسية. التقاطع ذو أربع أذرع، تفتح إشاراتها تباعًا لتنظيم السير. كل سيارة تعلم ما تفعل. تلك الإشارات تضيء وتطفء بتوقيت ممتاز. […]

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    White Sugar Fasting

    Going sugar-free for one year

    Last September, mostly for personal reasons, and partly inspired by the story of the woman who decided to put her family into a sugar-free diet for a whole year, I decided to go sugar-free for a whole year. According to the woman, and the many researches and studies, your health improves. Well, I can only […]

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    Winter hibernation

    Books 2014

    Winter is here. Day light saving is gone! I hate winter timing. This year, I am not going to hibernate. In 2012 I went into a year-long challenge to read 52 books. I ended up reading 27 books. The next couple of years, I probably read 2 books. So this year, I am renewing the […]

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    Dare I pink?

    Shut Theory redesign apology

    It’s been almost seven years since I redesigned this blog, and I am definitely going to miss it. I might even never like a blog again! Here is my new attempt, just to look a bit interested. And following is my apology for the things I removed, kept, and introduced. Nope, It wasn’t trendy! The […]

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    Assembling the Rosetta Stone jigsaw puzzle

    Jigsaw puzzles have always been my greatest distraction remedy. When pressure at work is low, my brain wanders out of leash. The only way to get hold of it again is to keep it involuntarily busy. Reading a book, working on a pro-bono project, or learning a new language does not work, because of the […]

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