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    AMMAN GRIEVES in perspective

    Wake up, it is more than an act!

    On November 9, about 8:00 PM, three hotels in Amman blasted in suicide bombings leaving 59 dead, and many wounded, of different nationalities, mainly Jordanians, most of the dead were celebrating a local wedding of two young Jordanians. At that moment, everybody was in a dream, even till the first hours of the next morning, […]

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    Hoax Designers


    Lately we have been interviewing designers vigorously because we badly need one. The requirements were simple, or at least that was what I thought. The designer is required to be a web oriented designer, very good artistic taste, and very good background in HTML, DHTML and CSS. This designer is required to turn his/her designs […]

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    Married In Amman


    In Amman, there are different set of rules and definitions of just about everything. Let me tell you about the definition of “newly wed” according to a newly-wed friend of mine, it could mean that you have just read the fat7a “quran”, written the contracts and having lunch together every single day of the week, […]

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    Some people are just lucky!

    Best Office View

    A week ago, I have decided to take a full time job offer back at esense software solutions, where I joined three years ago, before switching to freelancing. There are many reasons, but I do believe that it is a good decision, otherwise I wouldn’t have done it! For those who think that freelancing did […]

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    Housing Problems

    Where is this going?

    Tow days ago, I came to know that two of my friends that know nothing of each other, are facing a housing problem in Amman. The first is about to get married and looking for an apartment to rent, the other is already married and the bulding he lived in had partially collapsed! The apartment […]

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