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Crack Open

Accidents and Everlasting Stitches

It’s funny how when you grow older and remember those accidents you had as a child, you wonder, how on God’s earth did we make it?! This should be comforting to new mothers that accidents do and will happen to your kids, it’s a by product to the “making of man.” We don’t grow up, we crack open.

The school was going under construction work to raise a third floor in round ’92 when my third grade sister stood an eye to an eye staring at a falling wooden board! Bad reflex or extreme sports? She gets a swollen cheek and my mom gets another chance to hammer down the school admin later that week, for my sisters open skull! Apparently, fighting over a piece of … eraser with her friend, got her out of balance and into the wall again. She gets stitches and a nice hair cut.

Between my one-year-younger brother and I, I am the bully. Twice did I cause sever injuries with lack of remorse! I ordered him once to stand still so that I can jump upon his shoulders to see myself in the 1.5 m high wall mirror behind the sink, when we were just about 10! He obliges, and out of my balance I pushed his head against the sink and caused the front tooth to be partially broken! That’s worse than totally losing it! He suffers with this half tooth until he goes to Finland and fixes it. That was when he turned 24!

On another occasion my attitude issue caused me to accidentally pour down a very hot tea pot on his thigh! Outch! That was the morning tea, my punishment was, breakfast without tea!

When I was may be 8, I tried dancing ballerina in the air, in the bath tub while bathing away from my mothers watchful eyes. I ended up with an open chin, and everlasting four stitches. I still have those stitches! Lesson of the day, mom may not be watching all the time, God is 🙂

My elder brother tried ballerina in his bedroom! Split the top of his ear and got stitches too. But nothing beats my bath tub ballerina!

He also caused bad memories to my much younger sister, who was about 3, and he decided to hold her upside down, she laughed, oh she laughed, then she slipped and on her head. That wasn’t the only time she did a head bang, same year, she was watching something from the veranda window, sticking her head out, her weight leaned forward and she fell on her head 3 meters down. Luckily she fell on a rubber hose piled up. Every time I imagine a small piece of meat lump taking a dip head-first, I kind of remember the Simpson’s! It was a hilarious scene 🙂

Taking turns in torturing our youngsters seems to run in the family. My sister decided to swing my very young cousin holding his arms, only at one point she thought he had enough, she let go and he fell down right on his face. Now he had enough!


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