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Crime Scene

Help Desk Administrator

I just have heard a story from my friend about an IT well experienced help desk administrator, who joined their company because of the low pay he asked for! This guy has no previous experience in PCs to a shocking level. The story goes that he was shocked and almost paralyzed to see his computer hand at a point he cannot move forward, describing things that are moving on the screen beyond his commands, and a file name that sounds like zee, eye, pee! So my friend goes to check out, and there, the crime scene, look look there, files are flying out and I cannot control it. Truly, files where flying out, from one folder icon to the other, in an assembly so called in computer world as “files extraction”! That crime scene that he -frighteningly- insisted not to tamper with, was the daily scene of Microsoft’s famous “please wait while … extracting, copying, deleting … etc”. What do those people get hired for? Had he been the public relations manager, or the janitor, but no, he is a HELP DESK ADMINISTRATOR in an IT COMPANY! MERCY!


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