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Euro 2008: Departing

Review of the Tournament

Germany v Spain - UEFA EURO 2008 Final
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Another tournament folded, another day in heaven ended, and we are back to earth. The final of Euro 2008 was nothing short of spectacular. Spain finally changed their luck and returned last to their home. This was yet another tournament full of delightful surprises. The German team came strong and adequate, as everything made in Germany, but they were the scapegoat once more, after losing for Italy in World Cup 2006.

Russia, with its young team, was the most impressive, while Greece, the title holder, was the most disappointing. France, with no Zidan, was full of shame, while Turkey was full of pride. Austria saved a little face, and Switzerland had a small party. The Dutch had no date, the Swedes missed the party they were invited to, and the Croatians left early; too early. Czech was the most stunned, and Italy was the most emotional. Spain was the most determined, and Germany was the most powerful. Portugal was the least efficient, and the rest were the least interested. And none I cheered for won!

No group winner suffered the odds, and all runner-up slots were determined by last match, which makes this tournament pretty amusing. Spain was the only group winner to move to semi-finals, another aspect of amusement. Spain was also the only team not to lose any match, and the reason it suffered in front of Italy was probably superstitions.

The bullfighters are going to sleep on this one for years to come, but football will ever remember the iron- spirit of the Turkish team. Unfortunately, football is about winners only. But we shall resume in 2010


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