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Euro 2008: German Maschine versus Spaniard Bulls

Take On The Semi Finals

Euro 2008: Germany versus Spain
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In the last round, tough guys bullied down the underdogs showing them who the boss was. There were no more surprises as Germany and Spain win over Turkey and Russia. Unpredictable rivals, but predictable outcome.

With at least 6 major players not available, Turkey fought viciously and beautifully, in a match that was the best in Euro 2008 – in my opinion.Turkey scored first, then Germany leveled. In the second half, Germany scored first, then Turkey evened. The last moments of the show were stolen away from Turkey, and they were unable to produce a forth-time charm.

Russia, with its young players, hanged in there for the first half, but Spain repeated recent history by tearing their net apart with three goals.

The many goals by both Germany and Spain mean little. Germany pitched forward, not caring for the number of goals they conceived but the difference of scores, and after all, they faced mighty Turkey, and shed some blood there! Spain on the other hand held no surprises as it defeated Hiddink by the same gap.

Unfortunately this time, not one of my favorite teams made it through to the final, but if I had to cheer for one, it’s gonna be the Maschine, against the Bulls. I just hope the electricity does not go out again. And you think in 2008, we’re passed that!


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