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Euro 2008: High Stakes

Review of the Quarter-Finals

Netherlands v Russia - Euro 2008 Quarter Final
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Three of the four quater finals were won by runner-ups of the group, three went to extra time, and two went to penalty shoot-out.

Germany, not surprisingly, beat Portugal in a classy but questionable fashion. Seeing the match is not as hearing the results, Portugal was able to equalize two goals in spite of being second best. Germany is not as glamorous as they seem, don’t bet on Germany just yet.

The Russians are the youngest yet most creative, with Hiddink behind them, it would be no surprise if they won the title. The surprise, however, was taking down the mighty oranges, who clearly gave in a bit too easily. Russia is now to face Spain again, who won the match the first time, so don’t bet on Russia just yet.

Spain rolled the dice again, and in 88 years they won for the first time. Could that mean they are about to change destiny one more? But they got lucky as they had to face one Italian player, Gigi Buffon. I was never impressed by the Spanish team! And taking the already dysfunctional Italian team down in penalty shoot-out, I wouldn’t bet on Spain yet.

The Turkish now are full of themselves for being the joker in the pack after coming from behind three times in a row. Moments like that do not come much often in football, but they believe they can do it one more time. Germany now is alert, so I wouldn’t bet on Turkey just yet.

So that settles it, do not place your bets on any team just yet, as it is going to be hard to surprise the audience.


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