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First Annual CSS Naked Day - April 5

By the time this page is published, it will be most probably naked. April 5 (that is tomorrow) has been marked by Dustin Diaz as CSS Naked Day. In the spirit of supporting web standards, he wants to encourage a lot of people to go stripped of their css files during the April 5 time span (about 48 hours). View the list of websites participating (including this one).

Now I know that CSS-based layouts are probably more important than most of us claim to understand, but will a CSS stripping action deliver the message to all who abuse HTML? Especially two brands of people: pure developers who admit they have no

clue, and pseudo-designers who claim they are 9 out of 10 in HTML when they barely ever have seen a span tag!?

The first group is manageable, easy, put a developer in a bucket, close the lid, shake, shake and shake well, and when you put him out, tell him: DIV! don’t TABLE! He or she won’t hold any grudge against you.

The second one is not easy to manage, so open the door, and show him or her out! Funny thing, I know what CSS-based layout and never given myself (in my extreme best cases) more than 7 out of 10! I have seen designers who give them selves 9 and admit: “we should be using the font tag more often, I know, I feel guilty for not!”


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