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Married In Amman


In Amman, there are different set of rules and definitions of just about everything. Let me tell you about the definition of “newly wed” according to a newly-wed friend of mine, it could mean that you have just read the fat7a “quran”, written the contracts and having lunch together every single day of the week, or could mean that you have been married for only a year or less! So basically, you cannot go on trips with friends leaving your partner if you have been married

for 9 months.

Another “newly-wed” friend of ours, tells us the secret bomb that you all “newly wed” should avoid. That bomb has a name “Hayfa Wahbi”. According to our friend, his wife was able to stand all mentioned names of good looking performers, until he reached the bomb name, what was set out to be a “funny conversation”, turned into a sofa quarrel 😉 I think the reason is that Hayfa has NOTHING else to offer besides her extremely exaggerated female traits.

Our friend here also gives you a free tip for watching the Melody Channel unattended, which is supposed to be a music channel; use “Mute” button on the remote control when your wife is in the other room

Dear Gem

regarding the smart tip for including a (TM) sign in my MSN Display Name, has it not been for you I would have never known 🙂 Thank you, and your mother as well.

Best regards to Yara Massanat!


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