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For the love of IE

A word of justice for Internet Explorer

I am a front end developer, so yes I despise IE just like I hated Netscape a decade ago (and guess who was popular back then!). But when I am a user, I download big files using only IE, I use applications that integrate with Desktop applications, using IE, I visit my bank accounts only on IE.

I still remember how I once created an HTA (html application) that opened recordset objects from an Access db all using pure Javascript and burned it on a CD! That was ten years ago. And how I maintained large projects using .htc behaviors (which has been replaced by jQuery in a rough sense). I remember when remote scripting was made available by a Java Applet and worked only on IE, and how I exploited the “Download default browser behavior” to mimic what we call today: Ajax.

We developers are ungrateful, we like css3 new transform tricks, but we forget that IE did not wait for W3C to acknowledge a standard before making it available to us. Yes it made coding harder when the other browsers finally caught up, but when I read the usual cliché comment “this is supported by all browsers, except of course IE”, I think “cheap shot!”

So for the love of IE, stop repeating statements just because you heard Tough John this or Geek John that say them, it’s enough that pop-up blocker in IE works as advertised, not like that in Chrome: block pop-ups, but not if the code writer catches you clicking on his page!

Disclaimer, I love Chrome too.

  • EnoughWithTheWorthlessUseOfAcr

    What the point of using the acronym when you spell it out anyway and do not use the acronym anywhere else in the article?

    “HTA (html application)”

  • Joe

    HTA isn’t just the acronym… it’s the file extension. The use here is still helpful if 1) someone knew what HTA was but couldn’t be bothered to look up what it stood for or 2) the use of the construction as presented clarified the context.

    It did neither for me. But it didn’t poop in my soul either. Not as much as the message I ended up responding to ;-P

  • dootzky

    “stop repeating statements”

    nobody is repeating statements.
    IE keeps sucking ass. Seriously.

    I can not phantom the scenario where any half-informed user would say “hey, you know what, i think my default browser should be IE!!”.

    and yes, i’m serious.

  • elmota

    I personally cannot count the number of times I adviced people to download and use Chrome, people just go with the default, which is IE. but that isnt the point, Chrome is a great browser, but I attribute all my technical knwledge in scripting to early days of IE.

  • elmota

    Oh man if that doesn’t sit right for you, what are you gonna do when you see this

  • Mahmoud Darwish

    Well IE sucks not just because of the different standards, but because it had bugs in many basic JS functions, and no i never use IE unless i need to test it for a reported bug, and the reason we devs learned scripting on it was because Microsoft killed all the other browsers until Firefox came, yeah why pay for a browser when you can get it free with windows, but that because you ALREADY PAY FOR IT when you pay for windows


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