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Copy-cat Weather Forecast?!

TV Program on MBC4

Unbelievable! But yes it is happening. MBC Channel 4, is the new MBC channel that is specified in drama and comedy sitcoms, in addition to live shows (with respect to the other side of the globe) and talk shows. To fill it up with crap is understood, but to find anything related or non related to fill up the time of the morning is completely unbelievable. What do they do? They play the CBS

shows, PRIMETIME, Good Morning America, The Early Show, and all these USA-oriented shows. Why would anyone bother about what is happening in the american malls at 7:00 AM??! You know, all is acceptable, except running the WEATHER FORECAST! Why on god’s earth would anyone be interested in watching the weather forecast of the USA on MBC Channel 4? Please guys, be more careful about the crap you choose to fill up the dumb audience time. Or maybe that is exactly what you are trying to do!

How do you tell you had a monkey all over your car?

Ever since we moved (esense) to Madina Riyadieh, and the pile of experiences I have been gaining is growing larger. Last piece of experience I have gained, was the “skill” of telling whether you had monkeys all over your car. See, the new offices do not have any parking area, so we have to manage by keeping on circling the area until we find a good spot to park the car. And in a place like Madina, you do not want to make any mistakes, your car could end up scratched, or you could simply end up with monkeys all over your car. I parked my car on Thursday in a remote area that really was a perfect spot for parking cars. What I did not note is my car formed a perfect climbing medium for little kids to jump over the fense just in front of the car, in case they lost a ball behind the fense while they were playing “football” in the parking area, and before jumping to conclusions about how stupid I was to park my car there, playing football in that area is yet another thing I have learnt during my stay at the new offices! So now I have a car full of deep scratces, footprints, and a bent ceiling!


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