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Frantically ranting my head away

On being consumed with distracting

I suppose, or may be not, that I can pick up the iPad and write a post, that would be the first thing today that i convinced myself I might be interested in. What a boring day, distracting, un fruitful. I just wrote placeholder garbage text using my left hand. That was as exciting as it could get. It has been about two years since I started this phase of my life, and two years is a long, long time.

My brain has burnt, and my soal is asleep. How can any human sit for hours staring in the ceiling thinking of everything and nothing? My brains hurt I need a nap.

Should I write some code? Don’t feel like it. Should I solve some bugs? Don’t feel like it. Should I read a book? Don’t feel like it. Should I blog? Don… well, if it’s from Harry (not much friendly name for my IPad) then yeah, I’ll rant, until my brain hurts… which is about… now.

ps, can’t believe it but I just edited a published post!


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