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Garbage Entertainment

I am a hypocrite

Ahem. Got caught up against my wishes! I promised to blog every other week, I am preparing this new article, but I missed my own deadline! So here goes some garbage to entertain you.

Oprah is hypocrite! Don’t ask me why, she just is. One moment she goes: I sang along and I felt like I SUMBITTED totally to Jesus, I felt true faith! The next she goes: I don’t believe in marriage, and I made up my mind, no children. And then she surprises you with: I have four children at home (skippy, yippy, yoppa, yooo – DOGS). Ok those don’t count as children, but hell, she is hypocrite.

Here goes a tip not to ever run out of toilet paper, when you open a new sack, buy a new one. Simple. Golden!

Elmota, mota, elmo, matmoota, elmot, and motmot, are nicks I have been called personally! Tell me Mr Bill Gates, do you like being nicked as: micro? softy? That is my Domain Name people! Though my msn name is Shut, and would like to think of it as a business name, but yes, I like to be called shut! That proves it, my name is shut, and I am a hypocrite.

I -by the way- have a nick: Um Ayyoub, which I gave myself, hoping one day to have a kid (inshalla) and name him -of course- Ayyoub! Kids don’t scare me, I scare kids ๐Ÿ™‚

The most irritating part of driving inside a parking lot of a mall in Amman, is having your trunk checked. My trunk is full of stuff for cleaning the car, I am totally obsessed with car “hygenes” I don’t let anybody wash my car for me, that is why it looks like garbage most of the time. I wonder what the man checking my trunk thinks when he makes the comparison.

I have a habit of naming everything! My cactus is Madee7a, my car is el Malee7a, my new zarree3a is named tutu, the tea bags (that I reuse) are “nooneh,” the portable shoe cabinet is 3ogla, my old laptop is 3antar, and the new one is sonia, my Sony Ericson is grandizer (its HUGE), and my feather duster is manfoosh. Those are the ones I recall, those are my “children.” Ah, there goes again, my name is Um Ayyoub, and I am hypocrite!

I have been given another nick: Um Toomeh. We were having mlookhieh in Kuwait with the team, and I offerred to help, the “leading chef” hands me the toomeh to work on, it was either that she knew that would keep me busy for the whole time, or she did not know I suck big time! I peeled the toomeh through out the whole cooking process before she could use them. Few minutes afterward (by the time I washed my hands), dinner was served!

Enough Garbage, see ya next article


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