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Get into the Habit of Being Useful

Tips to Get in Shape

Diet is the new pink. Can you deny that statement? Getting in shape is an unexcused obsession, that is turning us into diet-animals. All what we care about, is to fit in the new Calvin Klein line of products.

But seriously, is that it? Our capitalist habits are getting us fat, but that is not the point. We are becoming lazy, hard to move, and unable to enjoy life. Here today, I want to share a piece of my mind with you. I hate the gym, and I don’t like to go walking everyday. I believe there is a way to enhance our systems in a more useful way. Let’s get ourselves into the habit of being useful!

Car Owners

If you have a car, get into the habit of washing it once a month, wash it like a pro. That usually takes me 3 hours to finish, after which, my arms are stretched out, my back is tender, and my car is shining!

Parking the car far away from the destination is taboo in Amman! Or it’s just the general consensus. Some actually drive through the main gate, and drive up the stairs with their cars! (They wish!) Today, I watched a small pickup van double park in front of a bakery, when there was an empty slot right in front of him! Park the car at least two blocks away, and get into the habit of walking.

Fridays are not for sitting on your ass watching “catch-them-up-on-Fridays” shows. You have a car… Use it! Get into the habit of going to a field trip with friends, family, or just by yourself. When it’s hot, go to the north, when it’s raining, go to the north! Again. It’s fabulous and refreshing. Trust me. If you are alone, take some hot water and a tea bag, get in the car, drive to the desert of the airport street at sunset, park, and drink tea. Remember, park the car away from your “destined” sitting place.


If you have a garden, grow a plant! Get into the habit of watering your plant, and watching out for it. Watch it grow. Not only it’s a great exercise, your garden will look better, and you might end up selling apples on the highway.

No garden? Grow a plant! Get a pot inside your house, and grow a nice decoration plant, or a cactus. (I have a beautiful cactus, named it madee7a, given to me as a gift from Sawsan, it is great watching it grow.)


For girls and guys: get into the habit of cleaning the mess behind you. Pick up your cup and put it in the sink (at least!). Iron a shirt a month. Dust the bedroom once in a while. You want a bigger challenge? Clean the window once a year. It usually takes me four hours to clean only my bedroom window, wash, cleanse, dry, and shine. Not only I move my sleeping muscles, but also I get a clear view!


Walk up the stairs. Can’t? Walk down the stairs. Go out for lunch. No time? Get out of the habit of ordering food to the office. Starve yourself, and you will find the time to eat outside.

The next tip may not be very affordable: wake up early, go to the office, and go out for breakfast!

If you have an office boy who gets you your tea, start hating him. Make your own tea and get it yourself. Leave the office to get something from the supermarket. The further one!

Crossing the street? Get out earlier, reach the fuckingvolkswagen bridge, and cross over it.

Food habits

We all got to eat. One tip to eat less is to order less. Stop ordering combos, and get in the habit of ordering sandwiches instead. No cheese. Diet Sprite (or none at all). Buy your juice instead of drinking soda. Eat with company, or with people watching you, it increases your awareness. Share your food with others, and make a hidden wish, that they eat everything before you get there!


Most of these tips sound irrelevant, but if you give it a chance, they are life changing, especially the gardening part. Growing a sense of responsibility and passion towards something else besides food, clothes, and rock and roll, is an eye opener.

Rock on!


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