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Why the World Cup is Different

TV in place, receiver setup, teapot on fire, what is missing? Goals! I may not be the fantastic fan of football in general, but when it comes to the World Cup, I lose it! There is something special about it. I was trying to figure it out when I cam down to few reasons why the World Cup is so darn COOL!!

First of all, when you go after a certain club, it is because of the good players in it. Usually there are many clubs you end up cheering for at least 2,345 of them! Add to this, players change clubs every now and then. The World Cup is based on nations. Each team must belong to that nation, and cannot be traded, so they are devoted for the team, and you can guarantee that cheering for a player is the same as cheering for the team. Great.

The World Cup and the European Championship are the two most famous. They both have the National Anthem played at the beginning of the game. But the World Cup has Brazil, Argentina, Ghana, Ecuador… etc. GREAT!

The audience in the World Cup is magnificent. They make everything look different. The colors, the ways they come up with, the songs, the looks and dances, it is all so different than any other match.

The trophy: the World Cup. What a trophy!

The GAME itself. I think it is one of the few games where the players do no use any tools or wear any special outfit to play. Baseball is boring. Tennis is DEADLY boring. American football is harsh and dirty. Anything played in India is .. well, Indian. Basketball is too Amerikish, too fast,

too many scores, and too little human mistakes. Uninteresting. What’s left? Gymnastics?!

The fact there are so many little goals in a match, gives space for players to show off after each goal entry. And a show-off is a great show to watch!

Men’s sports. Yeah yeah, I hear you ladies. I do encourage ladies to play sports, but I do not encourage people to watch ladies’ sports! Sports must be tough, not soft. When it comes to sports showbiz, it is a men’s territory. And men – GOOD LOOKING ONES- well, they appear at higher rates in football, especially when they are wearing blue outfits. I wonder why?!

Add to this, that since no women exist in the game (except through out the audience), that makes it a clean unrated show to watch 🙂

NO ADVERTISEMENTS. Yup. That’s got to be the best thing about TV Football. And it adds value only in the World Cup, since the World Cup matches are pretty much like a short very interesting soap opera. Following up your favorite TV series with no ADS?! Second best thing after Caramel Tea.

Finally, no politics! Thank God! (That is not always true, but if some team tries to pour in some politics, it dissolves fast.) Though I am not sure the World Cup would be that interesting if a David Star team ever start playing. Guess there are more important things than both football and politics.


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