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I love that show, but!

Serious flows in my favorite things to watch on TV.

Don’t get me wrong, I love advertisements, movies, TV shows and spotlights, but give me a break! They are there for fun, not for mathematics. Next are three flows I could get my memory to recall, this should tell you I love TV, it doesn’t mean I buy it when I see it!

Mission Impossible I

Brilliant, I loved it, still do. Tom Cruise is a great performer, the plot is hot, and makes you sit on the edge of the chair many times, thinking that maybe getting closer to the monitor would make you “understand” better! I still watch the movie over and over again. But! It is full of gaps, it has one of history’s worst gaps ever. Many tricks pulled through, all security by-passed, that is all fine, especially if they are using Microsoft made software! But I do not recall ever seeing a very old human friend in the room where the CD is located: a Camera! Did anybody spot a camera inside the actual room? In fact, even if there was a camera, it would be hard for the team to make it broadcast the guarding officer coming in and out of the room, without spotting our friend hanging from the ceiling! But fine, I still like it 🙂

CSI: Miami or Las Vegas

Another one of my most favorite. Two thumbs up to the detailed scientific data provided, I think it sounds all accurate! I mean when they speak about a bug that lives on human blood, that does sound like made-up in a series like CSI. But! It has one drastic flow, I think the producers want their cast to look so good, they let them

wander through the crime scene with no caps to hold their hair from falling. And guess what the crew are gathering! HAIR evidence! What if they catch a hair of their own? I know other producers do take care of this point, making the team wear not only hear covers, but gloves, plastic bags around their feet, and special outfits. But I love the show!

Dubai Sports: TV AD

If you ever watched One TV, then you must have seen the ad for Dubai Sports channel. It is one of the most entertaining ads I have watched. I don’t get sick of it at all, and I love the ending, the music, the logo, the animation… But! There is one mistake, that I do not know if they did on purpose or not. The actors of the ad all look Arabian, young and attractive. But the women, although look Arabian, they wear these european business-like suits, short and black skirts, and a simple jacket. That is NOT the mistake. If you watch closely, the ad starts with people coming in from a main door, young and attractive men, and women with GOWNS and VEILS! And I wonder, where did those women disappear through out the rest of the ad? Did they take off their gowns? But I still love the ad!


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