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I went to bed in 2003, walk up today, watched the news and here is what I heard!

I went to bed vexed at how things turned in Iraq, this damn Bush has caused nothing but pain, fear, blood, and anger. The stupid, inept Arab League with their useless Amr Mousa, again, said nothing.

Corruption is building up, and I can’t believe Bashar has inherited reign of a republic state with over 99% yes-vote! crazy world. Useless Arab nation. Hopeless!

I woke up today, I watch the news and they are saying: Omar Abdel Kafi has returned to Egypt after years of exile after throwing off “ex-president” Hosni Mubarak?! Tunisians are demonstrating in main square against who? It wasn’t Bin Ali!?

Nasralla accuses International Tribunal of being biased in the case of Hariri murder! And Syria has been revolting for four months!!!

Libya went down the same track as Iraq?!! but who’s doing it? NATO?!

Ali Abdalla Saleh not to return to Yemen after… say what? He;s been shot down by revolts?!


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