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I Wish You DIE!

On the loss of the Argies

Men, women, boys and girls, football is no longer the same.

In one of the most anticipated games of the 2006 tournament, Argentina presented a whole lot of possession of ball, at vain. It was never the best, nor the most deserving that won the match, it was those who rocked the white net more. The German machine seemed to have rocked it more (sadly).

To be fair, penalty shootouts have never been a good scale of the real match. The Argentine goal keeper was ruled out during the match, and a questionable penalty kick was stolen away from them, and the game came down to two men only: the goal keepers. Too bad!

Football, all of a sudden, lost its glamorous face. Don’t we all feel this way when the team we cheer for lose? I love the adrenaline level my body reached when I was watching the game with esense at outta town. Got so extreme at

one moment I flet like going home early! It was so hectic I was more afraid of losing, than seeing the Argies lose. It was suddenly my game against … Yousef.

Well! It’s only football isn’t it? I will be the sporty, forgiving, and proactive person, by congratulating the German, and wish them the lousiest luck in the world, and a very shameful release of this tournament.

Still, love Italy!


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