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Ideas and Thoughts

Here is a light topic to cover, and make you forget I am a week late! Following are ideas that only come to an insomniac as I am. Worth mentioning and funny.

Time Compression

It is kind of ridiculous but it is true, no matter how many solutions appear to save us time, we seem to have less and less time. As if our main target is to rather compress time. But there is one thing I have yet to see in the market: clothing prescriptions. Imagine if you don’t have to waste your time looking through tons of apparel stores just to get what fits! All you have to do is show your prescription to the “apparel-ist” and he disappears for few moments before showing up with exactly what you want! 32 Blue Jensalichol, and two 4.5 red Sneekalene!

Organizing backup files

Too much information. The software business was very generous with creating all the kind of backup systems and cataloging software to help people smoothly backup, find or restore files. (Worth mentioning: Genie-Soft Backup Manager.) So here is what I do to keep track of my backed up files: I label the CDs according to City Names. For example, I don’t have to label it: Outlook backup! What if I can stuff in other things?

Besides the benefit of remembering labels much easier, building acquaintance with your own system proves much faster. Athens are for my personal photos – thus next time I backup my photos, they go on Athens 0708 (year and month). Berlin is for the bulk material. Cairo is for exe tools. Next time I dig up something it would be much easier, especially that I use the simplest form of cataloging system: an Excel Sheet.

Viewing Options

Those who have great window view outside their offices are extremely lucky! Can you imagine if one day you can install the view of your wish without losing the value of sunshine? It would be like: today I am in Paris, and tomorrow I want to go next to the Opera House. Or even better, the southern window displays the Pyramids, and the northern one displays Statue of Liberty! (Surprisingly, insomnia is innocent of this one, I dreamt about it!)

Best Gifts

Here are some of the gifts I think are the greatest in the world.

5. A tea box. (My friends once got me a tea box, being a tea holic, I loved it.)

4. A detailed world map.

3. The biggest Jigsaw puzzle in the world.

2. An amazon gift certificate (I got this once, loved it).

1. A registered car license plate, with an amazing number. (That is a priceless gift, since you gotta kiss a lot of asses to get it done!)

Corporate gift

What I would appreciate from a company is to giveaway a USB, rather than the stupid mug! A glass cleaner for monitors or LCDs, one rewritable DVD, or a pocket torch sets the mood right on.


I have yet to see a blog summing down places of 7alal food in cities abroad. It would be tremendous help for our fellow brothers and sisters.

Traffic in Amman.

With little parking areas in Amman, and a lot of entrances and side streets, double parking seems like the way to go most of the time. It is not all bad if it gets a bit organized. I have this habit of leaving a paper inside the window of my car, with my whereabouts and probably my cell phone, in case I am blocking an entry or double parking! If we all get into this habit, maybe the city of Amman should provide us with “double parking lots.”

Ear Wax

Ewww! Going to the doctor to clear it out turned out to be the second best choice. The best thing to do is actually drip warm water inside your ear for few minutes, and maybe some soap, then clear it out. Golden!

Time for my daily doze of lack of sleep! I used to be a great sleeper, now I go on days on end without getting more than three hours of interrupted sleep. But I still dream like ever. I love my dreams. Sometimes I am totally aware of it. My best “reality dream” was being at a party with lots of tables covered with every dessert you can think of, and I ate like hell knowing it won’t affect me when I woke up. YUMMY!


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