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Jordanian 911

Where do people in Amman turn to, in case of emergecy?

If you live in Amman, you sure do understand what it means to live in absolute chaos. I am sure many will come to defend Amman, by even giving examples of how organized Amman is, but to a perfectionist as myself, if we do not reach absolute order, I am not satisfied. What anyone would argue with me -if they come to argue- is not that Amman is indeed organized, but that it is “relatively” more organized that any of the neighboring countries. True, but not good enough.

One of the things to indicate chaos, is the fact that we do not have a list of “emergency” numbers, where people can easily and at any time access, like a daily corner in the newspaper, or a well publicized internet website. In fact, did you know that we even have a website for the Jordanian police forces? It’s called the Public Security Directorate. Here are some Websites, and numbers. If you happen to know good references, or even numbers, please email me on chaos@elmota.com.

Rescue Police Operations (??????) or what is known through Hollywood as 911:
Although this number is written on every police car, I never quite memorized it!
191 (pretty close, don’t you think?)

Public Security Directorate ?????? ????? ?????:

Traffic Department ????? ?????
190 (God forbid, when you have a car accident, call this number or

06 5 87 5 310

Highway Patrols ???????? ????????

Water Authority of Jordan
Website: http://www.mwi.gov.jo/home/homepage.aspx
Number: 06 5683100

National Blood Bank:
06 474 91 22


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