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Exasperating, Mortifying, Surprising, or Boring to Death; Let’s Roll The Dice and Play Some Football

About Group Stage of Fifa World Cup 2010.

And yet another four years go by, and the world meets again for another spectacular clean entertainment that brings a little of happiness to a lot around the world. This time, now that we are in the round of 16, what did Africa offer us?

Escorted out on the noise of Vuvuzilas, France and Italy recorded historical exits. The old horses were finally put down and topped by South America. Oh well, the century is still young!

For the first time in Fifa history: Africa hosts the tournament, the host -unsurprisingly- does not make it to the knockout stages, England draws with an African team: Algeria, Slovakia makes it to the round of 16, New Zealnd tops the world champions, and USA heads its group.

Argentina -a very strong candidate- falls under the radar and goes undetected. History repeats itself as they are about to face Mexico (as in 2006), and it might double-repeat itself when they face Germany next. Watching Messi play is a true pleasure, a pleasure we are still waiting for. What makes 2010 so special however, is who is not playing: Maradonna. With a big hug per player, the argument to settle in Africa is: can passion be a deciding factor in winning it?

With a Serbian-made smashed ego, the German Maschine is as sharp as ever. Their first opponent; Australia, ran out of luck twice in a row, and their next opponent; England, is maintaining a reputation of chaos.

Switzerland showed the Spaniards -who passed the ball a little too well to score any goals- what football is really about! Honduras is the only American team of eight that does not make it to the next round, and Ghana is the only African team of six that makes it.

Reading a Portuguese-to-Brazilian-Portuguese dictionary would have been less boring than the match between the two nations, with pronunciation!

Fifa still believes Video technology takes away too much of the game, besides controversial red cards, lost penalties and absurd diving!

The least impressive teams, who made the cut to the next round, were Netherlands and Portugal, you’d expect more of world-class players.

Skipped few matchies to catch some sleep, thus I have no clue how Japan and South Korea made the cut. Kudos for both nations, I will be watching out for Yamahari Teeshirtato!

The even (or uneven) ball was a good excuse by some for the lack of goals, and the vuvuzilas was a great excuse! Love it or hate it, this is World Cup South Africa.

Fifa’s intention to allow better teams to go forward seems to be working so far, the only unpredictable match coming up is Spain versus Portugal! Yet, odds are as random as a dice throw! And the world cup is as good as we all know it and love it: controversial, dramatic and full of surprises.


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