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Runaway Jury, Movie and Book

Spoiler: If you havent watched or read The Runaway Jury, and you intend to, do NOT read this:

I have to say, that this is one of the best plots I have read or watched in a while, the movie’s plot is amazing, the way it has been put out is just what I love about movies. The main characters involved Dusten Hofman as the plaintiff’s lawyer, and Jene Hackman as Fitch, the bad guy behind gun companies, trying to buy the jury. You cannot anticipate the ending of the movie until the last scenes. But the movie establishes a strong trial, and holds the gun masters responsible for

selling arms at low prices, or without attendance. You can easily see where the lawyers are coming from when then defend the newly widowed Celeste Wood. And there is a strong dialog, that the conversation that occurred between the main characters in the toilet during recess, was probably one of the strongest dialogs I had ever heard on screen. But the novel is totally different. Not only John Grisham challenges a more challenging consumer’s market, but as well, Celeste Wood has been a widow for a while now. Celeste Wood is an old woman, who watched her husband

die of cigarettes. So the masters playing here are smoke masters. As you read on, Grisham does a pretty good job convincing you that although cigarettes are a free choice, tobacco companies should be held responsible for promoting to younger consumers. The story ends up differently as well. The plaintiff lawyer is hardly mentioned. The twists are different, and the reason for the whole thing is beyond ethical. And there are more at the end, things that you realize, reading the book is waaaay more worthy than watching the movie. Anyways, both are great 🙂


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