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Housing Problems

Where is this going?

Tow days ago, I came to know that two of my friends that know nothing of each other, are facing a housing problem in Amman. The first is about to get married and looking for an apartment to rent, the other is already married and the bulding he lived in had partially collapsed!

The apartment that collapsed is located in Dahiet El Rasheed, and to those who are going to get apartments, please make sure you are dealing with an honest broker, if he pulls some

tricks, and acts maliciously right from the beginning, you should worry, he can’t be too dishonest! In my friend’s case – Marwan Khamees, the broker delayed handing in the apartment till less than two weeks before the wedding! that was a sign. Al Ghad Full Story.

So for the sake of the first “Ibrahim Salem”, if you know of an apartment – a good one, with good construction work, and no-water cement-made, in 7th Circle area, Khalda or Tla Ali, two rooms, not more than JD 2000 yearly, please let the whole world know (the world mobile number is: 079 5930013), we are in serious housing problem. And please, make sure the broker is honest, and if he is not, REPORT HIM! which brings me to another subject I will be

talking about in the future.

Developing New Personalities in the Streets of Amman

Driving in the streets in Amman could be one of the major causes of a neorological disorder, or brain damage! To a friend of mine – Khamees Siksik, it is not, it is rather a game of developing personalities, Siksik goes: “you didn’t see the personalities I play when driving, I am a taxi driver when reaching circles, a woman when reaching ma6abba6 – speed bumps, a bus driver when I want to park, and many other personalities, I like what this city is developing in us”! I agree, I personally turn into Miss Hyde at one of Shmeisani’s cross roads at rush hour(s).


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