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Funny names of Amman

I found this name untaken, to my surprise, so I decided to buy it anyway! Sekrab is like JUNK in Ammani slang language, I do not know how other Arab countries use the word, but it is kind of too funny to be used anywhere else. See, all the funny words must start in Amman. Although I think it must have a latin root, I just can’t figure out what!

The last word added to the list was: 6age3 (tage’). Although I have seen it before printed on a T-shirt but it wasn’t yet very popular. That other day I heard one say: today I feel like… TAGE3! and I couldn’t help but remember a very similar word that my relatives in Palestine use: Taga3! Which is NOT a good word 🙂 I wonder where these hot fashioned made-up words are going to take us!

I think it is because Amman contains all Arab nationalities, unfortunately that is exactly its problem. Now that the Iraqis have joined the crowd, devotion towards the land has decreased to very low levels, nobody feels like Amman is his or her town, nobody cares! it’s a shame!


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