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Shutlogue: Come-Backs

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Momentos! Writing down on the back of a piece of paper, not to forget when we lose our short term memory. Note to self: don’t trust America, don’t trust Europe, don’t trust America. Hashtagging Libya.

We have seven days a week: Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Hommosday. I need to recover the past three years I spent in Sydney, Hommos-less!

Fridays are becoming iconic nowadays: Rage Friday, Revenge Friday, Stepping-down Friday, Dignity Friday, Friday, the day of Freedom.

Minority report: great movie! Great technology! Wii came next.

Adel Imam burnt his cards, all of them.

God freed Egypt of its Pharaoh, later Sons of Israel deserved his curse. God (praised He is) freed Egypt of her second Pharaoh, let’s pray for Him to save us His anger, and His curse.

Why do Arabian official media in unresting countries still play that old rotten card of “bunch of thugs” and “Alqaeda?” Have they gone out of creativity?

UX design is what I do best, don’t need a certificate to tell me that.

Bokra Hommos!

  • Welcome back

    On the UX design part, let me agree with you first that you might be the best at what you do. But the problem remains that people don’t know unless some 3rd party “certifies” that you can do what you claim to do.

    It’s the “Kartooneh” complex! Like if a guy comes to marry a lady and he doesn’t have “Kartooneh” they wouldn’t consider him.

    Happy Kartooneh day

  • Anonymous

    🙂 7ayyalla Q, pretty quick u are… reason i said that about UX is that ive been getting a lot of good recommendations from those who’ve seen my work while some kartoneh people insist I understand nothing about UX :s

  • rare

    7abet el log, safyeh w wafyeh 🙂


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