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Good Morning Amman!

Seems like I am more into rambling than writing about something in specific, so I am thinking of naming these kind of posts as Good Morning Amman! Lame I know! Okay, then, it is Shutlogue.

Browsing Tips

The following tips work on IE, I don’t know if they work on FireFox but they most probably do. Clicking on a link with the Ctrl button held down, opens link in a popup, holding both Ctrl+Shift, opens in a new window. If you set your browser to always open in a new tab, this action will always open a new tab. (I personally never allow a popup on my browser, it’s 2007!) Now some links do not open unless you press Ctrl+Shift, like buttons within Flash movies, and some Javascript links.

If you have a mouse wheel, mouse-wheel- clicking a link, opens in a new tab. Doesn’t work on Flash embeds.

Pressing Backspace goes back in history, so does Shift+mouse- wheel-scroll down. Alt+right Arrow goes forward, so does Shift+mouse-wheel- scroll up.

Pressing Ctrl+mouse- wheel up and down changes the zoom level on IE7, changes font size on earlier versions. To speed enter a url, enter the url alone with no (http://www) or (.com) then press Ctrl+Enter.

New additions to IE7: you can now highlight some text, and press Shift to continue to highlight more text. Finally! Another breeze of air comes through the behavior of drop down menus. In previous editions, when you select an option, the control gains focus, when you mouse-wheel scroll up or down, the option changes up or down! Pretty irritating! In IE7, the box gives focus back to original window so it is not affected by the mouse-wheel. Yippee!

Dreamweaver CS3

If you are using Dreamweaver CS3, you must have noticed the CPU leakage. It goes up to 100% (on a single CPU for Duo Processors) and causes the fan to keep rolling! Trick: if you open a modal dialog in Dreamweaver, it would stop, so if you are leaving Dreamweaver open and need to work on something else, open any modal dialog (like Edit>Preferences).

Welcome to Fastlink.

The new automatic operator at Fastlink replies with a slang accent. The auto girl tells you exactly what you are about to experience the first time you call 1234 (assuming you would catch a line!). It takes a couple of minutes. They also installed a voice-recognition system where you can voice in your request, and she comes back with: Do you mean (this)? If so, press 1…

I always thought voice recognition systems are a waste, nobody likes to speak up and talk to a machine, it is darn too weird! But this time it was pretty efficient, did not have to wait for the auto girl to list down everything in the universe! On a side note: It doesn’t take time to get used to it, I had to call twice to get my request, which is not bad for a first timer.

Giveaway oftheday!, a must-see. This is where software companies put their products for free use in a window of 24 hours. No technical support or free updates. And it offers reviews by users and feedback


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