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Hoax Designers


Lately we have been interviewing designers vigorously because we badly need one. The requirements were simple, or at least that was what I thought. The designer is required to be a web oriented designer, very good artistic taste, and very good background in HTML, DHTML and CSS. This designer is required to turn his/her designs into HTML, fully functional, and to produce a fully connected HTML mockups, presentable for clients in the phase of requirements gathering. Unfortunately, we found very few “graphic” designers with

not-bad design skills, but no HTMLers!!! Of course, they each claimed to know HTML really good because they had a course in their training days! Few questions in HTML and they all fell down. How hard is it to know the difference between SPAN and DIV?! How hard is it to know the display properties? The major problem with designers I interviewed I think, was their insistence on comparing themselves with the local and regional talents. Don’t they get it? Local talents are a HOAX, you only need to take one look at the global market, and the global websites to figure it out! I’m beat, and I’m heart broken. We can’t find our amazing designer, YET.


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