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Tethering Android to Windows7 driver issue

Possible solution to "Could not connect to network" problem

The problem: when you try to tether your Android data connection to a Windows7 PC, it all works until Windows7 comes back with “Could not connect to network” message. Trouble shooting says little. I search the internet up and down and could not find the solution, until I did the following (its possibly not pure coincidence, and that the previous steps I took might have affected it)

– in the wireless networks icon in system tray, I right clicked on my tethered network, and found two options: connect, and properties.
– clicked on properties, prompted with a dialog that has “password” in it!
– that was weird as it is, because this network is supposedly “incoming”
– entered the correct password, and tried to connect again… and it worked!

previously: I had to update intel wireless adapter driver (Wifi Link 5100 AGN) to 14.x, and I restarted the computer. It created another entry under Network adapters: Microsoft Virtual Wifi Miniport Adaptor, don’t know what that is and I don’t care. I can tether now Mama!


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