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Some people are just lucky!

Best Office View

A week ago, I have decided to take a full time job offer back at esense software solutions, where I joined three years ago, before switching to freelancing. There are many reasons, but I do believe that it is a good decision, otherwise I wouldn’t have done it! For those who think that freelancing did not work for me, it was not so. Freelancing is very healthy, but for only few years, then you have to move on to the next step.

Anyway, one of the major reasons that set me back is that I did not have

a view. Why? Because I did not have a window to start with! And yes, a window is essential to a designer, because I do a lot of stairing in space, and if my eye does not have enough space, well, it all reflects on my design. In esense, unfortunately, I do not have a view, but that is about to change anyway, so I am hanging in.

Some others, do not appreciate the view, they wish they can close their windows, the windows are creating a lot of pain to them!!!! The image on this page is taken from the offices of BEAT, I would give up many things for a view like that! Some people are just lucky, but they don’t have a clue!
Here is the view photo on flickr.


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