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Been browsing for God knows how long, and came down to a list of everyday visited websites. These next sites are my best in terms of “use,” not “looks.” As a designer, developer and an advertiser, I tend to look for websites within these areas of interest. Mind you some of them do look pretty. I usually turn to these websites when I am about to start a new design project, whether that be a print project or a web project. It is my way up to the level I hope I can reach some day.

Design Archives
Greatest designs compatible with CSS standards. Also see Website Design Awards, Web2.0 Awards, and Web Design Book.
AIGA is one of the biggest design agencies, good place to follow up with the design world. Also see: Communication Arts, and How Design.
AIGA design archive is so rich, you can never have enough of it.

Huge database of fonts, some freeware, and some shareware
Free icons, everywhere!
The best stock images database, and the largest by far. Make sure to go into the creative section.
The second best stock images database. It has a wonderful marketing technique. Not so huge though. Check out their Ideas section
Very cheap royalty free images. 1, 3, and 5 Dollars per photo. Illustrations and Flash are available. Also check Dreamstime, and Fotlia.
FREE stock images. You get three credits per day to download amazing Royalty Free images.

Advertisements only. A huge archive of ADs where you can also rate. Plus articles and AD events.

Hey, what can I say!

Really good, where you can upload and share your images, in a very nice, friendly, and intriguing way.
You can call this a Blog Search Engine. It lists the latest and hottest blog entries.
Video clips uploaded and shared, you can find almost anything moving here!
Lists of Audio Clips, shared and uploaded for free. I love the name of this website.
This is something new! Lists of favorites! HUH? You must check out, it is interesting

Very Useful
Ever lost a phrasal verb in your human database? Get it back here.
The original online dictionary
I do not think there is anything as good as the MSDN library. Not even chocklate!
A databs eof how-tos, about everything, and you can edit as well (just like wikipedia).
Browse the website, make a free account, and control your tasks, projects, events, team members, and more.
Designers fighting Spec Work, to protect their efforts and work.


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