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The naughty journalist in me. These are long articles with a little more effort than a shutlogue.

Photo by Blue Ox Studio - Pexels
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    Dead Man Dancing With Lady Oscar

    Personal Best Movie Scenes

    DISCLAIMER: The following contains spoilers of: The Usual Suspects, The Departed, Sixth Sense, The Others, Michael Clayton, The Recruit, A Beautiful Mind, Mission Impossible I.

    Do I look like I'm negotiating? Michael Clayton best scene

    Time for movie night again. Time to go crazy and spend some money. What a risk! Two hours of your time about to go down the drain for a marvelous, amazing, unforgettable three seconds! That's what it takes to tell you my story.

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    Shrek Meets Sinbad At Central PERK

    My most favorite fictional characters

    Fictional characters in the past has dominated novels and stories, but without the media keeping up with them, they remained static. Recently, fictional characters are well thought of, and they gain momentum overtime. The media pushes them beyond borders bringing them to life. There are fans of fictional characters just as there are of real

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    Forza Azzurri

    My take on the World Cup

    Few days after the World Cup is over, and I can finally breathe normally. L'azzurri finally held the Cup. Here is my take on the final match.

    Fabio Cannavaro

    The final of 2006 Fifa World Cup, right from the beginning, it was obvious it was not going to be defensive on either side. Zidane took the red card on his retiring match for being who he is. L'azzurri held the cup against all odds.

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    I Wish You DIE!

    On the loss of the Argies

    Men, women, boys and girls, football is no longer the same. It was never the best, nor the most deserving that won the match, it was those who rocked the white net more.

    Argentina football fans were harshly disappointed in 2006

    In one of the most anticipated games of the 2006 tournament, Argentina presented a whole lot of possession of ball, at vain. The German machine seemed to have rocked the net more (sadly).