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My most favorite fictional characters

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Fictional characters in the past has dominated novels and stories, but without the media keeping up with them, they remained static. Recently, fictional characters are well thought of, and they gain momentum overtime. The media pushes them beyond borders bringing them to life. There are fans of fictional characters just as there are of real ones. As a matter of fact, the accuracy by which wikipedia describes fictional characters goes beyond that of real characters! Of course, no one to file suit! Here are my most favorite fictional characters.

10. Marzoug


Marzoug is the eternal buddy of Som'a, who both worked in Harret abu Awwad and kept close long after they moved out of it. Marzoug owned a small store and sold old-fashioned gum for five piasters. He was huge yet funny and full of passion. Little may know the real name of the actor who portrayed him - Hassan Ibrahim, yet no one mistakes Marzouq for any other. The character was invented by Nabeel Mashini for the purpose of Abu Awwad but it grew out of it. He even appeared in some commercials as Marzoug: Goomi ma3i Haniyeh, wein wein? 3adaraghmeh ettijariyeh, marzoug efham 3alayeh? kheir kheir?... Ibrahim died in the late 90s leaving a huge vacancy behind him.

9. Adnan


In Adnan wa Lina, a kid really, who can make all kinds of human stunts using both his hands and legs, and who lived with his grandfather thinking that life stops right there. Until he meets Lina. The kid is absolutely funny, and courageous, and I admire his ability to use his toes to stick to sharp ledges around buildings! The funny thing, the series starts by saying: in year 2008! The character was originally created by Alexander Key, and the name of the original series in Japan was Future Boy Conan. (kol el nass 3indhom Conan!)

8. Fastlink Guy

I do not think he has a name or may be he does, he is that obnoxious looking guy who reminds us of every Ammani middle aged man with typical life. He lives with his mother who wants him to get married soon, and looking for a wife for him. He has a brother whom he appeared to call once in a snowy weather, and he can speak 500 words per minute!

7. Hercule Poirot

Hercule Poirot

Monsieur Poirot was a great Belgian detective who insisted that he was not French every time someone pointed to it. His neatness and obsession of hygienes reminds us of Monk, and his little grey cells were what he used to solve mysterious crimes. He was invented by Agatha Christie and lasted for a long time. Caused his own death in 1975 after committing a murder. The novels he appeared in are much more intriguing than those of his counterpart: Miss Marple. The best of the best is The Murder of Roger Ackroyd.

6. Sherlock Holmes

Sherlock Holmes

A detective that ruled to logic in solving the mysterious crimes in London back in late 19th century up to 1914.. The only mystery in which he was overcome involved a woman he had a lot of passion for, A Scandal in Bohemia. The character was invented by Arthur Conan Doyle (another Conan!) who killed it off in 1893 but then had to reproduce it due to protests of fans. Unlike Poirot, Sherlock Holmes was a man who believed in physical evidence, deducing amazing information from it, this reminded us much of Gel Grissom (CSI lab).

5. Chandler Bing

Chandler Bing

Funniest Friend ever, down to earth and sarcastic, known to be weak due to being raised by two mothers! Hates Thanksgiving. Should have worked in comics but switched to auditing or statistical analysis before finally lodging in advertisements, after he quit his job to be with his wife on Christmas. Love that guy, he has a punchline on just about anything, and he got just the right facial gesture to come with it. I hated the fact that he married his friend though! Too weird and unreal. His funnies line was: If I were a guy, did I just say; if I were a guy?

4. Q

Star Trek: Q

Q is that species that have the ability to do just about anything, he comes from the Q Continuum, and has personal interest in the human species. What makes him special is his irony and sarcasm. Though you never know if he hates man or likes him. He appeared to have saved humanity at one time, and save the Enterprise of the Borg at another. He and Jean-Luc Picard (Commanding Captain of the Enterprise) became sort of friends in the Next Generation of Star Trek.

3. Rollo Tomasi

Rollo Timasi

WARNING: SPOILER This is the guy who commits murder and gets away with it. The character was dubbed by Ed Exley and belongs to a man who stabbed Ed's father to death when he came after him for stealing a purse, and he was never caught. Ed, the lieutenant assigned newly at the LA department, digs deep to solve some critical mysterious organized crime. This happened in the movie LA Confidential. Sargent Jack (Kevin Spacey) spoke the words: Rollo Tomasi, just moments before he was shot by Captain Dudley, who had no idea who Rollo Tomasi was. So he asks Ed to look into it, at which moment Ed figures it all out. A great movie, with great dubbing, with great actors.

2. Data

Star Trek: Data

My most favorite character in Star Trek - TNG. Data is an android who has the title Lieutenant Commander at the Enterprise. Data likes to play chess, and solve puzzles. His favorite holodeck character is Sherlock Holmes himself. The great thing about Data is his attempts to understand human affection. Data has a twin brother (Lore) who was invented with an emotion chip, and who eventually gets disassembled (killed). He destroys the emotion chip before he gets killed, vanishing Data's aspiration of getting a hint of human affection. His brother is thus very vicious and evil! Go figure! His best friend is Geordi and he has a pet cat named Spot. There were other replicas of Data, none of which are as sophisticated as Lore and himself

1. Keyser Söze

Keyser Soze

WARNING: SPOILER Although the character is real, but everything about it has been made up by Verbal Kint who has been arrested and given immunity in the movie the Usual Suspects - My most favorite movie of all time. Kint is being interrogated by the police who ask him about Keyser Söze, at which point he starts making up a story that becomes alive throughout the whole movie. Kint is played by Kevin Spacey; a man with disabilities. Up till the last moment, every detail about the character sounds to be right, and you walk away from the movie not knowing whether the character did exist or not, or whether any of the events described by Verbal Kint did take place or not. Amazing movie.

Who's your favorite fictional character?